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A417 Missing Link

Received 02 September 2021
From Helen Chesmore


It is evident that there needs to be change to how the road is at present. However it needs to be more balanced and to take into consideration the wider options available. The most obvious would be that there is enough space either side of the current roads footprint to accommodate the new road. To solve the accident blackspots, the crossing at Birdlip as well as the Stockwell turning, could be eased with the introduction of traffic lights. The Air Balloon roundabout would likewise benefit from a traffic light system as well as widening. These all seem like actions that should have taken place before any talk of new duel carriage ways began. Thus the idea that the new road is safe seems questionable when no other option has been explored or implemented. The village of Birdlip has been complaining about the noise pollution since the introduction of the road twenty years ago. In shifting the road, and accommodating their requests, one has to feel that this is simply shifting the problem. There is not actual solution to the noise pollution problem. Instead this feels like seeking to appease one village at the expense of another rather than looking for an actual solution. I understand that there have been environmental surveys performed however if they were performed during the lock down then they do not reflect the actual impact the road has upon the area. With the world facing a global climate crisis as well as the Primeminister’s commitment to the Paris accords there must be an accurate survey performed to show that the proposed road will be greatly damaging to the local ecosystem. To pus ahead with such plans is irresponsible when considering future generations. As a property owner the introduction of the road will reduce the value of my property. [redacted] Having spoken to real estate agents and to other villagers to learn that not only would the road increase noise but would devalue my property thus robbing me of financial security for the coming years. I am not alone in this situation. The road will not only damage the character of the village, damage the roads, bracket us in on two sides with duel carriage ways but also mean that my financial future is at risk. This seems deeply irresponsible and ignorant of the current climate that people are living in.