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A417 Missing Link

Received 02 September 2021
From Moore Allen & Innocent LLP on behalf of Mrs C E Ford


Our client wishes to raise the following representations: 1. It is proposed that Cowley Wood Lane is stopped up and becomes a private means of access and public right of way. The land is currently used for agricultural purposes and no detail has yet been provided on whether this may continue. The lane also serves other dwellings. Further information is requested on this proposal. 2. Our client rejects the proposed compound which appears to extend to an estimated 18 acres of key agricultural land. This seems excessive and sterilises a large area of the farm for the period of construction. 3. The DCO boundary includes land to the north of the new access road and proposes tree planting on amenity land off Cowley Wood lane, well away from the new road. This appears out of keeping with the scheme requirements and has not been consulted on. 4. The Planning Inspectorate website lists 453 documents. It is unrealistic to be able to view each one, especially as our client does not have reliable internet access. Surely a bundle of relevant plans, reports and documents relating to their landholding only could have been sent to the clients without incurring a charge of £500? 5. Access to our clients property should not be impinged at any point during the construction of the road or after completion.