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A417 Missing Link

Received 02 September 2021
From R.w. de Lisle Wells


I Robert de lisle wells own land that is going to be taken for the road scheme.. There are multiple concerns I have that has not been addressed in the consultation( many not even acknowledged). * I feel that there has not been a full consultation with the land owners. * Futher bunding is required at the south end of my land help reduce noise from the two round abouts. * Attention should be paid to light pollution. No intrusion of car lights on my land and my home. * During consultation there should be a comprehensive security system to the maximum the law allows. * The access to my property should be of a design that allows articulated vehicles, moden agricultural vehicles to enter and leave safely and with ease. ( The [redacted] property enjoys a legal agreement to access with no weight limit and I require that to remain). * Access to my property most be maintained at all times during construction . * The access to my property is via a gated road I require that to remain in the new road scheme. * The access to my property must enjoy all legal rights as it enjoys today and not to have any encumbered rights from the highway over and under ground. All my rights must be in perpetuity with full and unfettered permanent rights of access directly onto the highway. * The design of the scheme encourages the public to enjoy the immediate area of AONB( as it should do). It should be suggested the class 5 highway (single carriagewayt) running from Shab Hill to Ullenwood to become a restricted highway. H.E. should actively engage with the of Gloucestershire Highways regarding this matter. It must be pointed iout t will become a major nightmare of a rat run during construction endangering lives. * The decision of the new bridge over the road for the general public to enjoy the countryside comes out at the bottom of my drive. I request that there should electronic gates placed by H.E. at the bottom of my drive in order to prevent the public trespassing and causing disturbance of my home. * The current bus stop at the Air Balloon will be lost due to the scheme and therefore should be relocated at the new roundabout junction in order Shab Hill can still enjoyed public transport. * Double yellow lines should be placed on the new access from the roundabout junction to my place to stop any parking on the road that might hinder access [redacted]. * I leave these comments and observations open that they might have to be added to and expanded Robert William de Lisle Wells. I Robert de Lisle Wells of [redacted] ask will the water table be retained on my land? Reason I have the only pond and water coarse in the area. The lowering of the water table would result in a pond drying up being no more, causing devastation to the wild life drinking and feeding of swallows with several other birds which are enjoyed by all Life. * The area of Shab Hill has a high Radion count, how are H.E. addressing this carcinogenic gas? Regards Lisle Wells