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A417 Missing Link

Received 01 September 2021
From Thomas Stuart Bradley


A417 Missing Link I strongly oppose Option 30 for this scheme for the following reasons. Whilst I do agree that the road congestion at Birdlip and the AirBalloon roundabout needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency. Environmental impact -I believe option 30 to be the worst route in terms of environmental impact, it cuts into swathes of greenbelt destroying grasslands and woodlands and natural habitat of many species of wild animals. At a time when we are just coming to understand the damage we have caused to our planet we need to stop and think about the results of our actions, which too many times have been driven solely by economics with no thought for future generations. We live in an ANOB (it has been suggested should become a national park) which should be treasured as a national asset as once gone will never come back. Noise- as a resident of Cowley the noise levels we can currently hear the A417 will definitely increase , even with mitigating surfaces, thus spoiling the charm and appeal of ANOB and further degrading our environment. Disruption- this proposed route will cause massive disruption and destruction to our narrow single track roads during the construction, which cannot even allow two small cars to pass each other. Whilst construction traffic should be banned, we all know that with the use of so many subcontractors this will be ignored. Leaving us with miles of destroyed verges, hedgerows and ditches and loss of habitat for wild animals. We have had a pothole in our village for the entire time I have lived here (17years) which Highways have been unable to repair, how would they cope with miles of damage! Devaluation- it is becoming evident that even now that our properties are devaluing and a reluctance of purchasers to make an offer due to the negative impact of option 30. Which is being confirmed by estate agents. Solution- I believe option 12 should be the preferred one, using the existing footprint of the A417 which will have the least damaging effect on the ecology and environment. Highways have used the imbalance of Cowley and Birdlip to their benefit when really their motive is purely economic. Route- the suggested large sweep needed in option 30 due to motorway speed of 70mph, is not realistic because a speed limit of 50mph will have to be enforced for safety on Crickley hill due to the amount of HGV’s using this route. The black spot at Birdlip can be negated by introducing filtering measures. T.S. Bradley [redacted]