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A417 Missing Link

Received 01 September 2021
From Jane Williams


We bought our family house in Cowley 5 years ago having consciously made a choice to raise our children in a beautiful, quiet, clean village and we are hugely concerned that the current option 30 plans are going to have a significant impact on our, and our children's, quality of life. The wildlife, beauty and quiet of Cowley is what makes it the village that it is and the proposed plans are going to destroy this for us. The noise pollution will be significant, not to mention the pollution that we will now be subjected to from the increased traffic, faster traffic and proximity of the traffic to our home. The area being proposed by option 30 is pristine, beautiful Cotswold countryside and it is a travesty the impact this potential road would have on that; not only aesthetically but also in terms of the vast biodiversity that is supported by this area. During the construction of the road, the usage of the Cowley village roads for both construction traffic and traffic finding alternative routes will increase significantly. As a mother of two young children, we use these roads daily for walks and this will almost put a complete end to that as there are no pavements, it simply will not be safe. I feel strongly as a village we have not been heard. Our community has chosen to live in these houses for the tranquillity, nature and sense of isolation and that is being destroyed if these plans go ahead.