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A417 Missing Link

Received 01 September 2021
From Moore Allen & Innocent LLP on behalf of Mr I F Medlock


1. The document "Case for the Scheme" surmises at 2.2.12 that the option of the Tunnel outperforms the surface options for many reasons, save cost. The Tunnel cost was estimated to be in excess of £500m. The build cost of the chosen scheme is already estimated at £440m, which could easily rise. Should the Tunnel option not be reconsidered? 2. Linked with above, the proposal creates a second scar through the AONB (after the original road). The Tunnel option would largely mitigate this. 3. The additional road is likely to disrupt bat, owl and other species feeding grounds. The bat report however is listed "confidential" and cannot be accessed. 4. The Land Plans sheet 2 of 6 advise that all of Mr Medlock's land to the north of the road will be permanently acquired. Why is this? The Environmental Masterplan sheet 8 of 25 shows that the majority of the area is grassland with occasional specimen trees planted. The land not utilised for the scheme should be returned to the affected landowner. 5. Environmental Masterplan sheet 8 of 25 shows a new PROW created. If the land is to be returned to the original owner, this creates an additional burden on the land. 6. If the new road scheme was not detrimental enough, General Arrangement Plan 2 of 6 shows a large compound is to be located on both acquired land and temporarily acquired land. We request this is re-sited. 7. There continues to be a lack of information provided to landowners affected by this scheme. With 453 documents to analysis, it is possible that further information affecting our clients landholding will have been missed. I have been asked to make a further representation to 20028999. 1. Our clients property must remain accessible at all times before, during and after the period of construction. 2. The dwelling must be properly protected from traffic noise and headlights (light pollution), both on the new road and any access roads or roundabouts. Appropriate bunds, baffles and screening must be designed to protect all affected residences, details of which is so far lacking in the submissions. This requirement extends to construction compounds too. 3. Appropriate security measures must be considered and agreed with the landowner in connection with this scheme.