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A417 Missing Link

Received 23 August 2021
From Denys Mather


I OBJECT with Route 30 because it is excessively expensive solution that produces minimal benefit for road users and huge irreparable disruption and damage to the landscape, villages and villagers. Route 30 will result in irreparable damage and disruption to local villages/villagers, roads, wildlife and businesses. Route 30 will result in irreversible devastation to our AONB. Other PREFERRED route options, such as route 12, following the existing route of the A417, would do much less damage to the environment and communities. Preferred option, route 12, with 50mph speed limits would be good for the environment and offer minimal disruption because lorries would, in any case, be unable to go above 50mph on this stretch due to the severe inclines. Preferred option, route 12, with widening, also improves safety, reduces rat-running, but will be better at preserving wildlife, landscape & public footpaths. It will also impact on pollution (bearing in mind the Nation is going electric or hydrogen). Given COVID (new working practises), Brexit and proposed changes to the speed limit on the existing A417, the proposed route research is now OUT OF DATE and must be revisited to reflect current times.