A303 Stonehenge

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A303 Stonehenge

Received 08 December 2018
From Harry Shearer


As a member of the (admittedly fictitious) rock band Spinal Tap, whose performance of the song "Stonehenge" has become internationally known, I have an emotional connection to the place, to its historic importance, and to the importance of preserving it for future generations--at least of Tap fans.

I am part of a fictional band, Spinal Tap, created for the movie This Is Spinal Tap. In that guise, we've had a long-standing connection with Stonehenge which culminated in the band's visit to the monument following our 2009 show at Glastonbury. The act of standing near the stones and enjoying the silence of the site would be severely depreciated by the existence, and sound, of a nearby motorway. I should think this internationally-known monument would be deserving of more respect than this!