A303 Sparkford to Ilchester Dualling

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A303 Sparkford to Ilchester Dualling

Received 19 October 2018
From Mike Lewis


As the elected Somerset County Councillor for Castle Cary Division which includes the villages of Babcary, Podimore, Queen Camel, Sparkford and West Camel which straddle the proposed dualling of the A303 I wish to strongly support the joint submission by Somerset County Council and South Somerset District Council plus the joint and individual submissions by Queen Camel, Sparkford and West Camel.

One issue that impacts on all the local communities including Babcary and Podimore is FLOODING; exaggerated by the water run off from the A303 and impacting on the local and communities especially down stream on the river Cam. It is my contention that insufficient consideration has been given to flood alleviation and mitigation measures as the direct experience of the local communities does not match data provided by the Environment Agency.

The HGV Management Plan for the A359 between Sparkford and Yeovil restricting such vehicles to 7!/2 tons both during and post construction will need to be rigidly enforced, as well as further speed reduction measures for Sparkford High Street and Howell Hill and Plowage Lane in West Camel.

The elevated section of the proposed dualling will in my view have a significant impact on the 3 main communities to the south of the A303 and will need greater protection than currently envisaged.

It is proposed by Highways England that Traits Lane and the Podimore slip road be blocked up post construction. It would be really helpful if this occurred prior to the commencement of construction, and during 2019. This has the support of the communities affected by these proposals.

Comments on the Sparkford/ Hazlegrove junction has been commented on elsewhere.