A303 Sparkford to Ilchester Dualling

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A303 Sparkford to Ilchester Dualling

Received 17 October 2018
From South Somerset Bridleways Association


A. NMU routes should be available to all vulnerable road users, walkers, cyclists and equestrians. Thus the definitive status of new public rights of way should be restricted byway.
B. New routes should be ‘future proof’, built to accommodate the routes in the DMMO application process.
C. Where possible, NMU routes are best positioned at a different level, preferably higher, than the level of the new carriageway. This reduces the noise and visibility of the vehicular traffic from the new public rights of way.
D. Diversions where crossings have been closed should be of a reasonable length; a 5 kilometre diversion makes a 10 kilometre round trip, too long to be considered reasonable.
E. If traffic levels demand it, install Pegasus crossings at two sites.
F. Dedicate NMU routes as restricted byways as these offer best value for public funds. Tracks used as construction tracks make excellent NMU routes.
G. Land remaining after construction, which is not required for agricultural use, could make valuable parking for recreational users. The new network of NMU routes will attract cyclists and horseriders who may need to park near these routes.

Site specific:
North of eastbound carriageway:
1. Southern end of Eastmead Lane: The provision for NMU route detours eastwards to the Steart Hill bridge and back along surface roads into Podimore. This is over 5 kilometres, a round trip of over 10 kilometres, and is considered too long. Although outside the area covered by the DCO scheme, could provision via bridleway (Y30/29) across the vehicular bridge into Podimore be considered.
2. Eastwards from Slate Lane. HE own, to be used as a construction route, a track from (ST 5777 2559) eastwards to Camel Hill. The proposed route for horseriders from the Camel Hill stables to Slate Lane is 3.5 kilometres on vehicular roads. The construction track is 1 kilometre off-road route. Please could bridleway or restricted byway rights be dedicated on this track.
South of the westbound carriageway
3. The underpass for the local road northwest of the Hazelgrove roundabout should be designed with separation of NMU from the carriageway.
4. Hazelgrove roundabout. Please could the track on the verge be upgraded to include equestrians with a fence to separate verge from carriageway.
5. The crossing where the A359 joins the roundabout may benefit from a Pegasus crossing.
6. The local road from AO to AP (sheet 2 of 4) is straight and carries fast traffic, please could bridleway / restricted byway rights be dedicated along one of the verges.
7. Northern end of Plowage Lane (AT sheet 2 of 4). Suggest installing a Pegasus crossing for both users of the restricted byway to the south, and horseriders and cyclists using the old A303 to reach the Steart Hill bridge.
8. Camel Cross Link. Access track (tracks 4 and 9); After completion of the works, could NMU rights be dedicated, and extended to join the public road at ST 5526 2498, providing a safe off-road route into Podimore.

Sarah Bucks

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