A303 Sparkford to Ilchester Dualling

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A303 Sparkford to Ilchester Dualling

Received 12 October 2018
From Cliff Baker


I strongly oppose the plans to the A303 duelling

Safety of the villagers.....everyday I have to walk along Howell Hill with my wife and dog and everyday there seems to be cars, tractors and vans speeding through and getting very close to us as pedestrians. The reports say that our local council won’t do anything as our accident rate isn’t high enough......this surely is the wrong way round.......unless something major happens we are left to fend for ourselves, so rather than being proactive yet again we find ourselves in a reactive environment and this is basic safety of people.

Increased 'rat run' through the village. Traffic whizzing through our village is awful......from about 8am to 9.30am and then again from 4pm to 6.30pm ON NORMAL DAYS - these times change, on Fridays especially, during summer months. Mott McDonald was seen in our village just the other day (Oct 2018) and when asked what they were doing they were 'viewing traffic' we pointed out that 3pm at the very top of Howell Hill where it meets the A303is the wrong position to stand when doing such an exercise. If they walked a mile in our shoes and truly understood the traffic and when and where it is at its worst things may be different.....I'm being positive here but doubt it will change anything!

Huge waste of money in the current climate

Seems that it will only improve journey times to around 3-4 mins at certain times during the year

The parameters of the scheme are laughable as this focuses on a stretch of a couple of miles to increase speed and flow of traffic only for everything to come to a halt at the traffic lights at Podimore as that part of the road network isn’t coming under this project!

At every village meeting we have attended it is noticeable that our MP has been very quiet and has only met with our parish council at a 'closed' meeting so as not to hear the views of the villagers. An appalling approach. I actually received an email from him and he stated they are going to propose a traffic calming scheme and to potentially make the village a 20mph limit zone - THERE HAVE BEEN NO TRAFFIC CALMING PROPOSALS SO WE DON'T KNOW WHAT THESE LOOK LIKE OR WHERE THEY WILL BE AND ALSO THE CURRENT 30MPH LIMIT DOES NOT GET ADHERED TO SO HOW A 20MPH LIMIT IS GOING TO IMRPOVE THINGS IS REALLY PIE IN THE SKY THINKING.....UNLESS IT IS PROPERLY POLICED IT IS POINTLESS. FINAL POINT ON SPPED LIMITS, LOTS OF THE SIGNAGE AROUND THE VILLAGE IS IN ODD PLACES AND IS OFTEN COVERED IN HEDGEROWS!

We as villagers and our Parish Council have only been listened to as part of a box ticking process through Highways England and nothing has been changed based on all our thoughts and concerns.

There seems to have been no local weighting in what the improvements and where they are during the decision process.....people far and wide have voted in fact some international comments and they don’t have to suffer the outcomes - let alone the upheaval during proposed works.

Nothing has explained why they suggest this is good for business in our local area?

It seems the whole project has been decided even before proposals were presented to us locals.....it also seems that things have to decided very quickly as otherwise the pot of money made available may not then be there. This is against what is best for the local area and the country's economy.