A303 Sparkford to Ilchester Dualling

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A303 Sparkford to Ilchester Dualling

Received 29 September 2018
From Queen Camel Parish Council


The Council believes that the proposed development will be of great benefit to Queen Camel but it submits that there are three elements in the proposals which are detrimental to the local community and would cause unnecessary environmental damage in both the short and the long term:

1. The application fails to pay due regard to the environmental problems of very heavy traffic and congestion in the middle of Queen Camel when A303 traffic uses the A359 and West Camel Road to bypass slow moving traffic through the road works during the construction period. The applicant's bland assurances that traffic will be ‘managed’ through a TMP do not reassure. The Council will respectfully suggest that the DCO application include details of how the applicant will mitigate the adverse impact of self-diverting traffic.
2. The unorthodox design and layout of the proposed Hazlegrove junction will have a negative environmental impact on local communities.
i. It will destroy far more of the (Listed) Hazlegrove parkland than necessary.
ii. it will needlessly increase the length of journeys to and from Hazlegrove School.
iii. It will needlessly increase the distance travelled by traffic joining the eastbound carriageway of the A303 from the A359 (south).
iv. It will encourage such traffic to take a short cut through the middle of Sparkford village. The Council will respectfully suggest that the applicant be required to consider an alternative design which would be demonstrably more environmentally sustainable and cheaper to construct.

3. The application fails to give serious consideration to the advantages of retaining the carriageway of the existing A303 for the use of local traffic, alongside the new dual carriageway between Hazlegrove and Podimore . Such a ‘parallel road’ would:
i. Greatly reduce congestion on local roads during the construction period.
ii. Substantially reduce both the cost and the duration of construction.
iii. Give the A303 added resilience and improve access for emergency vehicles in the event of road traffic accidents on the dual carriageway.
iv. 'Future proof’ the local road network when the A303 becomes an Expressway from which slow moving (including agricultural) vehicles are excluded.
The Council will respectfully submit that the applicant should be required to reconsider retaining the existing A303 carriageway alongside the new dual carriageway.