A303 Sparkford to Ilchester Dualling

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A303 Sparkford to Ilchester Dualling

Received 17 September 2018
From Paul Griffiths


Unacceptable road noise.
Having read the project plan in detail and had various communications with HE, there does not appear to be a target for road noise (reduction) and the planned road noise is not significantly different from current levels. This is not consistent with the project aim to "optimise opportunities for enhancement" of the environment and avoid unacceptable impact on the surrounding environment. In fact the design does not try to reduce noise but for applying modern road surface materials and moving the new road a small distance north of the existing route. As an example, and consistent with other major road projects, "planted bunding" could be applied in critical locations using material removed from other road work locations on this project. Evidence exists that this would significantly reduce road noise for the local community.

HE and my local MP are aware that I will be seeking registration as an interested party and are aware of my views.

We must not forget that this road scheme will be built to serve not only the wider community but also the local community for a number of generations. It must enhance all aspects of life. For reflection, the aircraft industry, car industry, major airport developments and the like have these targets. I can see no reason why a 50% reduction in road noise should not be targeted for the local Sparkford community.

In closing, please can I say that I and I would say the majority of the local community fully support this project including its timing. I am impressed with the application but I also maintain that a significant "road noise reduction" must be achieved in order to fulfil its obligations.

I remain ready to discuss and review at any convenient time.

kind regards,
Paul Griffiths