A303 Sparkford to Ilchester Dualling

Enquiry received via email

A303 Sparkford to Ilchester Dualling

29 November 2018
Queen Camel, Sparkford & West Camel Parish Council - Les Stevens


Enquiry from Les Stevens by email on 23 November 2018:
Could you clarify a couple of points on the Inspectors request for interested parties to work with the Applicant to draw up SoCG please?
One area requires the Applicant to draw up a SoCG with the Parish Councils of Queen Camel, Sparkford and West Camel on a number of issues raised in our formal joint submission or separate individual submissions.
Could you please provide clarification on two areas please -
1) Mott-MacDonald have contacted all three PCs separately offering to draft a SoCG with each - is the Inspectors expectation that this should be a single joint document rather than three separate ones?
2) The Hazelgrove junction appears to be missing from the list of items the Joint PCs are expected to draw up a SoCG with the Applicant - is this an omission or is the Inspectors expectation that this junction would be covered under the SoCG with Heritage England?
Clarification on these points would be helpful.
Many thanks.

Advice given

Advice given by email on 29 November 2018:
Dear Les Stevens
I can confirm that the Examining Authority are content to receive either a joint SoCG or three individual SoCG’s. There is considerable overlap between the three Parish Councils and therefore a joint SoCG may be the most efficient way forward, this could include any points specific to the individual Parish Councils. The ExA however is content to receive individual SoCG if that proves more efficient for the Parish Councils.
Please note that the matters indicated in Annex G of the Rule 6 letter, dated 14 November 2018, are not the only matters that can be included in the SoCG(s). Should the parties be in a position to agree matters in relation to the Hazelgrove Junction (including identifying areas where there is disagreement), or any other matters, this would be helpful to the examination and should be included in the SoCG.
Kind regards