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Received 08 January 2018
From Public Health England


Public Health England would like to register an interest.

The submitted reports do not identify any significant risks to public health. However, we note the modelled concentrations of nitrogen dioxide indicate the potential for impacts on air quality at a small proportion of receptors without exceeding air quality standards. In addition, the cumulative impact from other significant developments in the area such as the Lower Thames Crossing / London Resort does not appear to have been considered within the provided reports which could also impact on local air quality.

We note that the operator has not considered;
• the decommissioning phase of the project as highlighted in Section 2.73 of the Scoping Opinion for Tilbury2 (May 2017); and
• potential health impacts of electric and magnetic fields associated with the electrical infrastructure of the proposed development.
Should the proposer or Planning Inspector require any further clarification or advice on any matters relating to public health, we will of course be pleased to assist.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.