Thanet Extension Offshore Wind Farm

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Thanet Extension Offshore Wind Farm

Received 08 September 2018
From Christopher Howland


I am owner of Stella Maris moored in Ramsgate Harbor, a commercial fisherman of over 30 years and a member of Thanet Fishermans Association.

The planning proposition for this infrastructure will cause more loss of fishing grounds; this is all prime fishing ground for drift netting, static netting, potting and trawling. Until the current wind farm already in place came along, this was the best fishing ground.

The positioning of the turbines also means the displacement of boats that currently fish the area, which would cause the boats to move onto different areas where there are already boats, overpopulating the area and putting strain onto it as too many will be trying to fish in the same vicinity. I can state this as I have already witnessed the movement happen due to previous placements of the current turbines.

Of what is not much left of over development of wind farms, cable laying, dredging, closed areas etc, we cannot afford to lose more grounds.