Thanet Extension Offshore Wind Farm

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Thanet Extension Offshore Wind Farm

Received 07 September 2018
From Dover District Council


Dover District Council hereby seeks to make a relevant representation being one of the Local Planning Authorities in which the development effects and with part of the proposed infrastructure being situated within the District.

The representation shall relate primarily to the onshore aspects of the proposal which fall within Dover District. These include part of the cable route and the proposed substation. Nevertheless, due to the close proximity of the proposed works to the District’s Boundary other representations shall be made, where relevant, on other aspects and impacts of the proposal.

The District Council is also on the National Nature Reserve (NNR) Management Steering Group and therefore has concerns regarding the impact on the NNR and its management, particularly in relation to the cable route selection and options appraisal, the decision making process and chosen cable route.

The representation shall relate to the following points:
• Impact of the new development in the District in particular the substation structure and associated works
• Whether the cable route selection process has been addressed appropriately
• The associated impacts of the proposed cable route
• The visual and landscape impact of the proposed infrastructure
• The impact on ecology
• The level information supplied by the applicant to support their approach to the Habitats Directive.
• Has the route selection been adequately addressed in respect of sufficient information for an Appropriate Assessment to be undertaken.

These matters have been raised previously at the relevant stages and in the Council’s response to the Section 42 Consultation Process and shall be addressed in more detail in the Local Impact Report.