Thanet Extension Offshore Wind Farm

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Thanet Extension Offshore Wind Farm

Received 07 September 2018
From Bircham Dyson Bell LLP on behalf of RiverOak Strategic Partners Limited


Our client, RiverOak Strategic Partners Limited, is proposing to redevelop the currently closed Manston Airport into a new cargo hub airport with associated airport related development. It made an application to the Planning Inspectorate for a Development Consent Order for the project on 17 July 2018 (application ref: TR020002) which was accepted for examination on 14 August 2018.

Our clients are in discussions with the promoters of the Thanet Extension Offshore Windfarm and seek to produce a Statement of Common Ground on matters relating to:

- the potential impact of each proposed development on the other;
- the cumulative effects assessment for each project;
- flight paths from the proposed airport; and
- radar systems at the proposed airport.

Our client may seek to make further comments in these areas during the examination for the Thanet Extension Offshore Windfarm.

Yours faithfully,

Bircham Dyson Bell LLP