Thanet Extension Offshore Wind Farm

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Thanet Extension Offshore Wind Farm

Received 01 September 2018
From M Philbrick


Vattenfall Windpower Ltd

I am writing to you to object on the Thanet Extension.
For the reasons being what with London array and the thanet windfarms which have taken nearly all the ground I fish on,,and with this extension it will proberly make me bankrupt.,As where you are possibly extending to is my main drifting ground, which is west north west of the thanet windfarm ,and west of that is my main codding ground,and what with nemo as well is becoming a joke, as I am as are many other really struggerling to survive.
Due to all theses works being carried out I lost my main drifting ground to London array,so I am left with very little ground,even if you was going east then that will push the other fisherman onto my ground I fish as you would of taken that away,All I am trying to do is pay my mortgage,I had to get rid of my crew as I could not afford to take a crew now,And as a safety aapect last year I fell overboard,but luckily and friend came with me for a day out,and after around an hour he managed to get me back onboard,,had to have 6 months off due to damaging all my tendons in my arms.
Imjust hopeing you put it to the south but don’t spos we will be that lucky,just ESL and the FISHERMAN and PLA all want this to the south which would help everyone but for some reason I have heard you want to put it in everyones way,I.E to NORTH AND WEST AND EAST,IT COULD EASILY BE RESOLVED.
As the bottom is the same all round ,as there is no rare species as this come,s up as it did with London array which I spoke to a guard vessel and they said they lie what they see to extend their guard work,,