Thanet Extension Offshore Wind Farm

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Thanet Extension Offshore Wind Farm

Received 03 August 2018
From The Crown Estate


The Crown Estate manages property and rights which are owned by Her Majesty in right of the Crown. This portfolio includes around half of the foreshore and almost the entire seabed out to 12 nautical miles around England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Under the Energy Act 2004 and the Energy Act 2008, The Crown Estate also manages the rights over the continental shelf to offshore energy generation and the rights to carbon dioxide and natural gas storage and transportation (respectively).

The Crown Estate requests to be registered as an Interested Party in the examination of the Thanet Extension offshore wind farm.

Our interest in the project is that Vattenfall Wind Power Ltd holds an Agreement for Lease from The Crown Estate for the area of seabed to be occupied by the project, and (subject to obtaining the necessary development consents) The Crown Estate will issue a lease to Vattenfall Wind Power Ltd for construction of the project. We therefore wish to follow the progress of examination of the project.