Rampion Offshore Wind Farm

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These are documents received by the Planning Inspectorate in relation to the local impact report and statement of common ground.

Local impact report (LIR)

Under section 60 of the Planning Act 2008, the Examining Authority invites the relevant local authority/s to submit a LIR. The report sets out, in the view of the authority, the likely impact of the scheme. The Examining Authority must have regard to the report in its examination of the application.

Statement of common ground (SoCG)

The statement of common ground is a written statement prepared jointly by the applicant and any interested party, which contains agreed factual information about the application (see The Infrastructure Planning (Examination Procedure) Rules 2010).

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Public Health England
Letter regarding SoCG with E.ON - Response to Deadline II submitted for 15 August 2013
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SOCG with West Sussex County Council and Horsham District Council. Submitted for the deadline of 12 September 2013
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