Rampion Offshore Wind Farm

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Rampion Offshore Wind Farm

08 June 2011
Andrew Coleman


I'm writing about the proposed windfarm off our coast. The scoping reports, opinions and comments from Eon, the IPC and the local councils have failed to identify surfing as a recreational activity that could be affected by the proposal. The Councils will have to prepare local impact reports and Eon will have to do extra studies.
- hundreds of people surf in Worthing, Adur, Brighton and Hove. This includes local residents and visitors form the SE.
- this generates important local income, supports jobs.
- the potential effect of the windfarm on surfing has not been specifically identified in Eon's scoping report for its environmental statement (ES)
- Eon should carry out baseline assessments of surfing and estimate the effect of the windfarm on wind swell and groundswell on the coast to the north and north east of the windfarm and suggest any appropriate mitigation.
- I'd like to see inshore and offshore recreation considered in the local impacts reports.
Has the public consultation promised in early 2011 happened yet?

Advice given

As the proposal is currently at the "pre-application" stage of our process, the onus is on the developer to consult with statutory consultees and the local community.
During the pre-application process, the developer will need to consult with the Local Authority on the Statement of Community Consultation (SoCC) which will set out how the local community will be consulted. The IPC doesn't take part in any of these discussions, nor is there provision for us to direct the developer to consult with a certain group or in a certain way. As such, you should make your views known to the developer and/or local authority.
The application is due to be submitted on 1 April 2012. Until the application is submitted to us, I recommend that you refer to the promoter's website attachment 1 which has more information about the proposal and how to get in touch with the developer .
The IPC has produced the Advice Note 8 .1 which provides an overview of our process and the opportunities to get involved. Please see the link below:
attachment 2
For information about the project and advice given by the IPC in relation to it, please see the project page on the IPC website below:
attachment 3

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