Rampion Offshore Wind Farm

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Rampion Offshore Wind Farm

23 July 2013
Lewes District Council - Tim Bartlett


Thank you for your time this afternoon. From our conversation I understand as we are not a Relevant Authority -as there are no works/site directly within our district - we are not required to produce a Local Impact Report, but rather we can submit Written Representations expressing where we support the proposal and where we have concerns.
The deadline for making a Written Representations is 12 noon the 15th August 2013. Could you please confirm that this is correct.
As we discussed can I also suggest a further location for a site visit whether accompanied or unaccompanied would be Seaford Head the western edge of the Heritage Coast .

Advice given

Further to your conversation with Jessica, we have checked the legislation. To clarify, s60 of the Planning Act 2008 (as amended) specifies that relevant local authorities invited to submit a Local Impact Report are the authorities in s56A. This includes local authorities in which the application land is situated but also local authorities who border one of these 'host' authorities. As Lewes District Council borders a local authority within which the application land is situated, I can confirm that Lewes DC will also be invited to submit a Local Impact Report. I apologise for any confusion on this matter.
The Planning Inspectorate's Advice Note One provides further information about the preparation of Local Impact Reports. It is available here: attachment 1. It is for your authority to decide whether to produce a Local Impact Report but it is important to note that in coming to a decision, the Secretary of State must have regard to any Local Impact Reports that are submitted by the deadline. We support the production of joint Local Impact Reports between a number of authorities if this assists in making efficient use of resources.
Your authority can also submit separate written representation if it wishes to express a particular view on whether the application should be granted, and if you wish to do this the date for submission of this is expected to be 12 noon on 15 August 2013.
The formal deadlines for submission of Local Impact Reports and written representations will be set out in the 'Rule 8 ' letter which you will receive later this week.

attachment 1
attachment 1