Navitus Bay Wind Park

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Navitus Bay Wind Park

Received 13 June 2014
From Alliance of Christchurch Residents Associations (known as ACRA) (Alliance of Christchurch Residents Associations (known as ACRA))


ACRA is an umbrella organisation that represents various Christchurch Residents Associations (Christchurch Citizens; Friars Cliff; Grange; Highcliffe; Somerford; Stanpit and Mudeford; West Christchurch) with a combined membership of around 10,000 households.
Most of our membership has been opposed the wind-farm for a variety of diverse reasons but what now unites nearly all of us in opposition is the detrimental effect upon our environment. The UNESCO letter to HMG when combined with the details recently revealed of the cable-carrying trench to be built from Taddiford Gap across several SSI and ICS including the Avon Valley and Moors River, through Hurn Forest and on to Mannington has produced a situation where all but a small minority are now against the plans to build a wind-farm at Navitus Bay
Using our detailed local knowledge we will spell out what we believe that damage will be and its impact upon our members