Navitus Bay Wind Park

Enquiry received via email

Navitus Bay Wind Park

24 March 2015
PCBA - Roy Pointer


A number of our Association members have asked whether, in view of the unprecedented interest in this project, in addition to recording on the PINS website that the ExA Report has been sent to SoS, it would be possible to alert IPs by sending one of your PINS notifications to all IPs?
Many had assumed that the timescale was three months plus a further three months for SoS, rather than the SoS having three months from receipt of the ExA Report.

Advice given

PINS will not notify IPs individually when the report is submitted. IPs should check the website regularly as this will be updated when the report is submitted to the SoS, as you are aware, this must be by 11 June 2014.
If IPs have signed up for email alerts on the case they should receive an email alerting them that the case has been submitted to the secretary of state. IPs can still sign up for email updates should they so wish.
Please note that PINS will inform Individuals IPs when the SoS decision is made. The decision along with the ExA report will then published on the website.