Navitus Bay Wind Park

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Navitus Bay Wind Park

11 April 2013
Kenneth Potter


I am writing to express my and my family`s very deep concern about the proposed Navitus Bay Offshore Wind Farm.
This will be a huge, multi point industrial structure in sight of one of the finest stretches of coast in Europe. The various views of the Isle of Wight alone, from many vantage points along this coast, are superb and absolutely precious.
This development will destroy these views completely and will have a huge detrimental effect on the area, both economically, due to a potentially vast downturn in tourism and sailing activities, and in the general quality of life of the large number of inhabitants of this area. Who wants to look out to sea at such a monstrous development?
As a keen sailor and a member of the RYA, I will be put off for ever from sailing this area again and I am sure I am not alone in this. And what of the dangers imposed on shipping, both in normal weather conditions, and, more severely, in inclement weather?
As well as the effects it will have on the human population, we are deeply concerned about the effect that so many rotating huge structures will have on bird life. And what of the damage to the seabed caused by so many vast foundations?
We strongly oppose this development.

Advice given

As no formal application has yet been made to The Planning Inspectorate by the developer, the Navitus Bay Offshore Wind Farm scheme is at its 'Pre-Application' stage. Please note that the developer is expected to submit its application in Quarter 1 of 2014.
Until the application is submitted, your first point of contact should be the developer. Taking part by commenting at this stage does not prejudice your ability to make comments to the Planning Inspectorate on the scheme later in the process. Therefore you should inform the developer about your concerns as soon as possible and allow time for a response. As such, I recommend that you refer to the developer's website for information about how to contact them with feedback (link to Developer's website: attachment 1).
Should the application be formally submitted, the Planning Inspectorate on behalf of the Secretary of State has a 28 day period to determine whether to accept the application to progress to Examination. If the application progresses to Examination, the process then asks people to register as an ?Interested Party? with the Planning Inspectorate by sending us a 'Relevant Representation' about the proposal. This Representation will be considered by the appointed Examining Authority during the Examination period.
The Planning Inspectorate has produced several advice notes to help provide an overview of the Planning Act 2008 process and the opportunities to get involved. These are available at the following link: attachment 2 . In this instance I recommend the advice note eight series - 'How to get involved in the planning process'.

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