Navitus Bay Wind Park

Enquiry received via email

Navitus Bay Wind Park

26 September 2013
Ian White


Whilst I have read the information on your website I am not totally clear on when, as an interested member of the public, I should register to express my objection to this proposed development. If I understand it correctly, it is only after the developers have submitted a formal planning application in Q1 2014.
I have already sent a letter of objection to the developer, which has been acknowledged.
I would request that my name and email address be added to any database the Planning Inspectorate maintains so that I receive updates on this proposed development.

Advice given

As you correctly stated, no formal application has yet been made to The Planning Inspectorate by the developer and the application is expected to submit by the developer in Quarter 1 of 2014, therefore the scheme is currently at its 'Pre-Application' stage. Until the application is submitted, your first point of contact should be the developer, for which we note you have already submitted comments to.
Depending on the nature of your comments to the developer you may also wish to notify the local authority of your comments, as they will later have the opportunity to report to the Planning Inspectorate on their view of the adequacy of the developer?s pre-application consultation, measuring what was delivered against the commitments made in the Statement of Community Consultation (SOCC). Before formally consulting people living in the vicinity of the project, the developer will have prepared a SOCC, having first consulted relevant local authorities about what it should contain. The purpose of the SOCC is to detail the consultation the developer intends to undertake with the local community about their project. The developer is then required to carry out their consultation with the local community as set out in the SOCC.
Should the application be formally submitted, the Planning Inspectorate on behalf of the Secretary of State has a 28 day period to determine whether to accept the application to progress to Examination. If the application progresses to Examination, the process then asks people to register as an ?Interested Party? with the Planning Inspectorate by sending us a 'Relevant Representation' about the proposal. This Representation will be considered by the appointed Examining Authority during the Examination period. By registering as an 'Interested Party' with the Planning Inspectorate, you will be kept informed of the application by email or post. Therefore in direct response to your query it is at this Relevant Representation period that you should register with The Planning Inspectorate.
The Planning Inspectorate has produced several advice notes to help provide an overview of the Planning Act 2008 process and the opportunities to get involved. These are available at the following link: attachment 1. In this instance I recommend the advice note eight series - 'How to get involved in the planning process'.

attachment 1
attachment 1