Navitus Bay Wind Park

Enquiry received via phone

Navitus Bay Wind Park

28 October 2011
deputy leader of Christchurch BC - Colin Jamieson


Advice requested in regards to the consultation on the Statement of Community Consultation and the timeline for feedback. It was also queried who gets consulted on the scoping report and when the deadline was for commenting on the scoping report for Navitus Bay.

Advice given

As set out in s47 of the Planning Act 2008 (PA 2008) the applicant needs to consult the local authority in whose area a proposed nationally significant infrastructure project (NSIP) is located on the draft Statement of Community Consultation (SOCC). In two-tier areas both the district and county council in whose area a proposed NSIP is located need to be consulted. The applicant needs to give the local authority(ies) 28 days from the day after the draft SOCC is received to respond with any comments they may have.
The scoping report for Navitus Bay was submitted to the IPC under the Infrastructure Planning (Environment Impact Assessment) Regulations 2009 Regulation 8 by Eneco. Under the provisions of those Regulations, the IPC must invite the prescribed consultees listed in schedule 1 of the Infrastructure Planning (Applications: Prescribed Forms and Procedures) Regulations 2009. Comments must be made within 28 days from the day after receipt (Reg 8 of the EIA Regulations 2009). The Navitus Bay Scoping consultation expired on the 21st October 2011.