Navitus Bay Wind Park

Enquiry received via email

Navitus Bay Wind Park

29 October 2014
Challenge Navitus - Andrew Langley


There has been an exceptional response to Deadline II, not least from the applicant, including new information that we would have expected to have been available pre-application when there was more time for review.
Because of the bulk of the data, some of it has only just been published on your website (e.g. the Applicant's Written Response to Deadline II of 297 pages on 27/10/14, which includes their answers to the ExA's questions). Even with our best efforts, there is not time to make a reasonable assessment of all this new information and respond by 5th November. Therefore, we request an extension of at least five days to Deadline III. This would help us (and probably others) to contribute effectively to the progress of the examination.

Advice given

Given the amount of material we are expecting throughout the examination, it is felt that it would not be prudent to allow any slippage at this stage therefore the Panel is not prepared to extend deadline 3. Furthermore, the agenda for the forthcoming hearings is to be issued by 10 November which will be based on the material submitted to date.
You are asked to submit any comments and representations that you have prepared by the deadline date. However, at the hearings interested parties can explain the areas they were unable to respond to, due to lack of time. There is the opportunity of deadline 4 (11 December) to add to further comments.