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The list below includes all those who registered to put their case on Manston Airport and their relevant representations.

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Cliffsend Parish Council
"Cliffsend Parish Council have considered the status of Manston Airport many times, as the airport adjoins the Northern border of the village and has provided employment for village residents for many years. The Parish Council are firmly of the view that Manston reopening as a airport will provide the employment and airfreight transport links this area and the rest of the country badly needs and will relieve the cargo pressure on the main passenger airports. If passenger flights are started again later, then that will also be welcomed. We do not want the other option of the 4000+ houses, which will be a disaster in terms of the ability of the area to support that number of new people, when there is little empolyment in the area and our core infrastructure e.g. water, health services etc are already overstretched."
Penelope Gimes on behalf of Minster Parish Council
"I am responding as Chairman of Minster Parish Council on behalf of the parish council: The majority of Manston Airport lies within the Parish of Minster, therefore Minster Parish Council maintains a keen interest in the outcome of this process. The future of this site has long been a contentious issue, however the agreed position of the parish council is to support aviation use on this site. This would provide much needed employment and encourage further investment in the area. Our early response to RSP proposals did raise a number of concerns on behalf of our residents which included noise & air pollution and environmental impact. The detailed reports provided for this consultation process address most of the concerns in this area. The remaining concerns are night flights and infrastructure: We seek assurance that night flights will be kept to a minimum. Many residents have experienced night flights in the past when the airport was operational and understand the need for them, but would emphasise that the number must be limited. The major concern is the inadequate road infrastructure surrounding the airport site. It is accepted that this should have been addressed by Kent County Council many years ago but it was not and there is little point in looking back. Whatever use is made of this site in the future a priority must be given to improving road access to the area, not just when it becomes operational but in the construction phase. Our residents will be severely impacted by the increased volume of traffic on the roads surrounding the airport and in particular the freight traffic. In short, we would welcome the re-instatement of a fully operational airport on the Manston site to provide a much needed injection of life into Thanet, providing the infrastructure is improved to reduce the negative impact on our residents. "