Manston Airport

Enquiry received via email

Manston Airport

16 November 2018
Michael Child


I have had very little time to examine the 11,000 pages of the DCO application since it was submitted. My old school, Lord Mayor Treloar College for the Disabled, is implicated in the current infected blood public enquiry and such spare time I have has been focused on this. I guess if I had read all of it that would have been over 600 pages a week from the publication date to now.
I have focused on the main area that I have been asking the applicant about since the first consolation, which is the particulate air pollution as this seems to have potential for a disturbingly high mortality rate.
As far as I can see the applicant has made an error in the dispersion rate for pm2.5 particulates, it may be they have used the dispersion figure, i.e. the distance from the point of aviation fuel burn to the point the level of airborne particulates return to the existing background level, for pm10 particulates or it may be they haven't counted the pm2.5s at all.
This is a fairly technical issue so I wonder if you could be kind enough to put me in touch with the right person to discuss it with.

Advice given

If you are seeking clarification about the content of the environmental assessment, please contact the Applicant.
Otherwise, there will be various opportunities for you to make representations to the Examining Authority in the course of the six month examination.
We will write to you in due course with your invitation to the Preliminary Meeting which will include a draft Examination Timetable.