Manston Airport

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Manston Airport

22 January 2018
Clive Aslet


I am writing as someone whose home is on the flightpath for Manston Airport.
I have just been told by a friend that there will be a consultation on this on January 23 (tomorrow). However, I had no notification of this in advance by the proposed developers – either by email or, as would have been more correct, by post. The consultation is therefore invalid and should be re-run.
On points of detail I would like to know what account will be taken of the following points in the environmental impact assessment:
What affect will the cargo hub airport have on the rejuvenation of Ramsgate by new people moving to the area?
What affect will the cargo hub airport have on tourism?
What will be done to mitigate the impact of night flights on the health of the Ramsgate population due to loss of sleep from the night flights?
There is a well advertised shortage of accommodation in South-East England, and recent owners have not succeeded in making a success of Manston as an airport. The environmental consequences for Ramsgate will be disastrous. A mixed-use development for the Ramsgate site is by far the best solution.

Advice given

If you have not already done so, please contact the Applicant in respect your concerns about its Pre-application consultation.
If you are not satisfied with the Applicant’s response, you can provide your comments to your local authority which will be able to consider them in conjunction with making its Adequacy of Consultation Representation; if an application is submitted. Our Community Consultation FAQ provides more advice in this regard: attachment 1
In respect of the Environmental Impact Assessment, at this stage of the process these are questions for the Applicant. RiverOak Strategic Partners can be contacted at [email protected] and [email protected]
If an application is submitted to the Planning Inspectorate and subsequently judged to be of an satisfactory standard to be examined, you will be able to register your interest and make representations about the Proposed Development to an appointed Examining Authority. Please see our Advice Note 8 series for more details about when and how to have your say: attachment 2

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