Manston Airport

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Manston Airport

30 January 2018
Jeremy Green


I want to offer my voice to the protests regarding the re-opening of Manston Airport.
There has been a massive distortion by the River Oak Strategic Partnership in the interpretation that the attendees at the consultation meetings were in support of their plans to re-open the airport. The people I met were certainly not in support and were in fact very strongly against. Everyone was asked to sign into the meeting and then we are told that the signatures were to show our support of River Oaks plans. Surely this is illegal?
There has also been distortions in the number of jobs that the re-opening will create. It has been quoted by River Oak that this will generate 30,000 local jobs. This would mean Manston was employing more people that Gatwick and Heathrow combined.
There also hasn’t been any data provided regarding the pollution that the airport will create with the flights and the haulage of cargo from the airport.
Please build the houses that we need on this site. It would be a fantastic initiative to help solve the housing crisis in Southern England.
I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the above.

Advice given

The Planning Inspectorate cannot consider representations about the merits of a proposed development at this time.
For information about how and when you will be able to make representations to the Planning Inspectorate, please read our Advice Note 8 series: attachment 1
If you wish to make comments about the Applicant’s Pre-application consultation, please do so following the process set out in our Community Consultation FAQ: attachment 2

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