Manston Airport

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Manston Airport

19 January 2018
Ceri Diffley


I am writing to voice my utter disgust at the Riveroak proposition. PLEASE DO NOT LET IT GO AHEAD!!!!!!
I am concerned that overall the proposal would have a seriously detrimental to the town and its residents.
It will ruin lots of hard work and investment into regenerating this area, deterring people from moving here, ruining tourism and most importantly damaging the health of mine and other's children and inhibiting their ability to learn and prosper and social mobility.
I am concerned about the proposed leading to both noise and air pollution, sleepless nights, damage to the infrastructure and the prospect of thousands of lorries bringing fuel, clogging up the commuter roads in addition to the danger and extra carbon monoxide this will bring.
I am concerned for proposed detrimental effect on the nature reserves and the wildlife, some of which are rare and endangered.
I also want houses built on the Manston site because we need more housing in this area and I would prefer them to be built on brownfield rather than greenfield farm land. Again, for the sake of our environment and the children.
Also, I cannot see how the project is necessary or viable. There is not a shortage of capacity for cargo in the existing airports nearby.
Also, due to our positioning, the is only one entrance and exit and a lot of sea. If you put circles concentrically around the Manston site to achieve an economically viable capacity they would be needing to bypass existing airports, with capacity, to get to Manston. That cannot make sense. Surely, the Midlands and further up the country are in greater need than this location right in the corner of England.
I would also like to complain about the proposal process. The lack of information and consultation and time given. It is a shambles.

Advice given

Please refer to our FAQ for information and advice about how to engage with the process at the Pre-application stage: attachment 1
Our Advice Note 8 series explains how and when to register as an Interested Party and make representations about a proposed development if an application is submitted to the Planning Inspectorate and subsequently found to be of a satisfactory standard to be examined: attachment 2

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