M4 Junctions 3 to 12 Smart Motorway

Enquiry received via email

M4 Junctions 3 to 12 Smart Motorway

01 October 2015
Patricia Springbett


I enclose a document with objections to any disturbance that may occur during the proposed Lake End Road bridge works and M4 widening. I have also sent a copy of the document in the post, together with a plan of the area, which for some reason I am unable to scan.
The information we have received so far is not concrete and as there has been no official communication in this regard, we, as a group, wish to voice our objections should there be any work near our respective houses.
I would also like to ask that several members of our group would like to attend the accompanied site inspection between 10 and 12 November 2015. I am sorry that I don?t have a definite number, but it will be at least four people.

Advice given

I note that you have formed a group as a mechanism to make representations to the examination. This reflects the appeal made by the Examining Authority at the Preliminary Meeting and will assist Mrs Burden greatly in her consideration of the evidence.
However, it is important for me to establish at this stage the status of the group. As you will hopefully understand, only representations made by interested parties will automatically be read by the Examining Authority. I would therefore recommend that you elect a lead member of your group, and request for you to provide me with that member?s interested party reference number (provided in the Inspectorate?s most recent correspondences dated 7 August 2015 and 11 September 2015).
On receipt of this reference, I will be able to process your submission as a written representation made to Deadline II in the examination timetable.
As regards your request for members of the group to attend the accompanied site inspection, I would refer you to related content in Annex E to the Inspectorate?s letter of 7 August 2015. For your convenience, I repeat that content here:
?Accompanied site inspection
The draft timetable allocates three days on which I propose to carry out visits to the route of the application proposal and the surrounding area accompanied by interested parties. The interested parties attending the site inspection will include representatives of the applicant and of the relevant local authorities, together with other interested parties (or their representatives). It will be necessary to limit the numbers of persons who accompany me along the route of the scheme for logistical and safety reasons, but it should be possible for arrangements to be made for interested parties (or their representatives) to join the inspection at specified locations within the itinerary. [bold added]
The applicant is requested to prepare a preliminary itinerary for the site inspections which includes the locations at which the most significant effects of the proposed scheme would occur; to be tabled at the Preliminary Meeting. The itinerary should include those locations where the most significant impacts in terms of changes in noise and vibration, air quality, visual intrusion, water quality, traffic and land-take would fall on the six groups of receptors identified in Chapter 16 of the ES.
There will then be an opportunity for all interested parties, including the relevant local authorities and other statutory consultees, to consider the draft itinerary and put forward their suggestions as to any other locations which should be included in the site inspection.?
In light of this, can you please respond to confirm that the group would be happy for the site inspection to meet the group in the vicinity of the Lake End Road bridge on a given day at an approximated time? I will then forward this request to the Examining Authority for consideration ahead of the final itinerary being published on 26 October 2015.