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M25 junction 10/A3 Wisley interchange improvement

Received 05 September 2019
From Guildford Residents Associations


We welcome the the proposed changes to M25 J10 and the A3. The scheme will increase capacity and make the network safer. Our concern is the the effect of traffic on local roads in Wisley and Ripley in particular. The results of the traffic have led to the conclusion (in 7.4 Traffic Assessment Report) that conditions in Ripley, at Ockham Park junction and on Wisley Lane will be satisfactory. The analysis of journey times is welcome. However, the peak visitor days at RHS Wisley lead to high volumes of traffic trying to access and leave the site, which currently can cause queuing to and from Wisley Lane. The planned growth at the Wisley airfield site and at Burnt Common, and the other sites in Send will increase volumes on local roads, including Ockham Roundabout and in Ripley. While we note the remarks about rerouting via the A245 Byfleet Road and M25 J11, we main concerned about the risk of capacity issues arising on routes linking to the A3.