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M25 junction 10/A3 Wisley interchange improvement

Received 05 September 2019
From Savills on behalf of Wisley Property Investments Limited


This Relevant Representation is made by Wisley Property Investments Limited (WPIL) as owner of the former Wisley airfield to the east of Ockham interchange. The airfield is identified as the majority part of a strategic development site in policy/ allocation A35 of the Guildford Borough Local Plan: Strategy and Sites adopted in April 2019, for approximately 2,000 homes, further specialist housing and employment, retail, school, community facilities and open space with the primary road access to the site from the A3 Ockham interchange. The signalisation and improvement of Ockham interchange is proposed in the draft DCO application which also proposes works on WPIL’s land, including permanent diversion of Wisley Lane through the site, and a temporary large topsoil storage/ temporary construction compound. The airfield site plots included in the draft DCO Book of Reference are as follows: Permanent Rights & Temporary Powers – Plots 1/40, 1/18a Temporary Powers - Plots 2/1, 2/1a, 2/1b, 2/3, 2/5a, 2/5c Permanent Acquisition – 1/18, 1/22, 2/5b . Although the DCO works are supported in principle by WPIL, the proposed works have the potential to compromise and/or delay the development of the site (subject to both the site securing planning consent and the DCO being made). As such, WPIL requires that a legal agreement is entered into to ensure that the interface between the DCO works and the site are appropriately managed. The legal agreement should also provide for provision of the compulsory acquisition powers sought by Highways England (HE) in the draft DCO, over WPIL land. As per government guidance, compulsory acquisition powers should only be granted as a last resort, and WPIL is encouraged that HE has confirmed their willingness to enter into an early agreement to secure the rights included in the draft DCO (as per a letter dated 17th June 2019 from Jonathan Wade, HE Project Manager). However, until such an agreement is entered into, WPIL objects to the compulsory acquisition of its land, and requests to reserve the right to provide further written representations throughout the Examination, and to appear at any Compulsory Acquisition hearings as may be required, to provide verbal evidence. In parallel with the legal agreement, a Statement of Common Ground (SoCG) with Highways England will be negotiated, on the basis that the DCO will support the delivery of allocation A35. Issues to be covered within the legal agreement or Statement of Common Ground include: - 1. The need for detailed information on HE’s traffic modelling methodology and outputs, so that the implications for strategic developments such as Wisley airfield and the local road network can be understood by WPIL and others. 2. Proposed arrangements for securing site access to the allocation A35 from the proposed Wisley Lane, including provision for an appropriate site access with appropriate traffic conditions (such as speed restriction) on the proposed Wisley Lane, and DCO Requirements or planning obligations if the DCO is made. 3. The relationship between HE’s biodiversity strategy (including proposed SPA related matters and onsite works) and that for the Wisley airfield development to ensure alignment, enabling the successful delivery of both the DCO scheme and Allocation A35. Matters include: - a. Allocation A35 will be enabled through over 50 ha of Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace (SANG), a significant proportion of which may be to the area north of the airfield and adjoining the DCO temporary works area, and to the south at Stratford Brook. b. HE’s Landscape and Ecology Management and Monitoring Plan (APP.6.5, ES appendix 7.20) overlaps with parts of the proposed SANG but lacks detail including tree loss in those areas. c. HE’s proposals on existing trees and landscape on and near to Wisley airfield including for example Wisley Lane diversion and a new diversion to Elm Lane that will affect several trees and areas of scrub that have not been assessed in the landscape chapter of HE’s Environmental Statement (APP.6.3 chapter 9). d. Species permeability of the diverted Wisley Lane, and appropriate mitigations for any impact on the SNCI, and on Reptiles / Amphibians and other species. e. Detailed proposals for the proposed works to Stratford Brook and their future management. f. Proposed nitrogen deposition impact on the SPA. 4. Appropriate extent of access, rights and temporary and permanent land transfer to enable proper delivery of the DCO scheme and it’s early stage components in a manner compatible with the delivery of allocation A35 and the Local Plan housing trajectory. WPIL may submit evidence on any of the above matters and may wish to comment on other matters in the light of third party evidence that comes forward during the course of the examination.