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M25 junction 10/A3 Wisley interchange improvement

Received 04 September 2019
From Helen Jefferies on behalf of Wisley Action Group


The Wisley Action Group makes the following representation which it will expand upon in due course: We have three principal objections to the scheme's environmental impact on the Thames Basin Heath Special Protection Area and on the local residents of Ripley, Ockham, the Horsleys and surrounding villages and hamlets. We also do not consider that the traffic modelling is robust or that it reflects the actual day-to-day experience of local road users Air quality As part of our evidence base for the planning appeal promoting the development of the former Wisley airfield which was dismissed by the Secretary of State in June 2018 we established that the air quality in the SPA on the eastern side of the A3 was already in excess of the legal limit. Since that time a number of EU judgements have been issued which support our expert's argument that additional vehicle traffic will have a negative impact on the SPA which cannot be ignored. Further, case law means that any improvements in technology which may improve car emissions cannot be taken into account for modelling purposes. The project's aim is to improve the capacity of the junction meaning more cars and more pollution which will impact both air quality and nitrogen deposition on the SPA. We are particularly concerned that the applicant relies on evidence used by the developer of the former Wisley airfield, much of which was found to be lacking at the planning appeal. Furthermore, the proposed routing of visitor traffic leaving the RHS, particularly those heading south, will impact the already close to the limit air quality in Ripley High Street. We estimate this to be 600,000 vehicles per year - the current alternative is to add 7km to their journey and change direction at J10. Ecology We do not believe that the impact on the habitats of protected species including those in the SPA has been properly taken into account. Impact on Stratford Brook Impact on Stratford Brook - we do not believe that the impact on Stratford Brook has been properly taken into account. Traffic modelling It is clear to locals that the impact of the changes to the Ockham Park roundabout have not been properly taken into account including but not limited to: - lengthy queues on Ockham Road North in the am and pm peak exacerbated by pm peak traffic from RHS Wisley and slow-moving waste tankers from Thames Water in Wisley Lane and the proposed 5000 vehicles exiting the former Wisley airfield development - lengthy queues in Ripley High St exacerbated by new traffic rerouting from Wisley Lane and RHS visitors -local roads are not suitable for construction traffic at all as evidenced by the damage done during the Jury Farm waste application in Ripley Lane and the ongoing HGV movement associated with the waste application at the Drift. Local roads are not wide enough. We do not accept that the projected small improvement in the transit time for J10 amounts to IROPI.