NuGens Moorside Project in West Cumbria

Enquiry received via email

NuGens Moorside Project in West Cumbria

30 April 2015
Simon Burdis


Will Scandinavian countries be formerly consulted on the proposals for new nuclear reactors with particular reference to the Moorside propsal by NuGEN, next to Sellafield?

Advice given

When the Secretary of State, using the precautionary principle, is of the view that the development is likely to have significant effects on the environment of another European Economic Area State (EEA State), the Secretary of State will notify those states. This can only be undertaken when sufficient information is available.
If any of those EEA states indicate that they wish to participate in the procedure, the Planning Inspectorate must, on behalf of the Secretary of State, send a copy of the application and environmental statement to those EEA states. The EEA states will be given an opportunity, before development consent is granted, to seek the opinion of the public and relevant authorities.
At present the Secretary of State has not received sufficient information to determine whether or not other EEA States would be likely to have significant effects on their environment.
For further information refer to our Advice Note 12.