North West Coast Connections Project – N Grid

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North West Coast Connections Project - N Grid

20 December 2016
Weddicar Parish Council - Ralph Mitchell


Please find attached Weddicar Parish Council's representation on the NWCC Consultation. While teh council understand that the Planning Inspectorate will not consider comments on the proposed works at this time, we draw your attention to section 2: Adequacy of consultation statement. In this, we raise concerns about the duration of the consultation process given the size of the project. We would appreciate your consideration on these concerns.

Advice given

Thank you for your email of 16 December regarding the pre application consultation undertaken by National Grid for the North West Coast Connections project. We are responsible for administering the development consent process and for providing advice to members of the public and others about the process.
If and when an application is submitted to us, we will formally request the views of the relevant local authorities about whether or not NG complied with the commitments they set out in their Statement of Community Consultation (SoCC). The SoCC is a document in which NG were required to explain the way in which they intended to consult the local communities affected by the proposals, including the duration of the consultation, the types of activities that were intended to take place and the geographical coverage of the consultation activity.
NG were required to consult the relevant local authorities about their consultation methodology before implementing it. As such, if you have strong views about the way in which local communities have been consulted on this project we would advise you to forward these to your local authority who may use them to inform their representation to us about the adequacy of NG’s pre application consultation, at the time the application is submitted.
If you would like more information about the development consent process we have produced useful videos and written material on our website here:
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