North West Coast Connections Project – N Grid

Enquiry received via email

North West Coast Connections Project - N Grid

20 March 2017
Power Without Pylons - Graham Barron


Query regarding alternatives

Advice given

Many of the points in your email are addressed by [advice given in response of 6 February 2017], although I appreciate that you have identified certain specific pieces of information that you would like National Grid to provide. I have notified National Grid of the concerns you raised in your response.
As I explained, Applicants should provide enough information to allow members of the public to participate in their consultation activities, but are not required to provide or produce information purely because other parties have requested it to support their submissions. As previously noted, further policy on the consideration of alternatives can be found in National Policy Statement EN-1, Section 4.4.
I do not know if National Grid hold the information that you have requested, and since we have received no application as yet, I cannot say if that information will be submitted at the examination. However once an application has been made and if it is accepted for examination, it is open to you raise issues regarding this with the Examining Authority.
Before accepting an application, the Planning Act 2008 requires that the Secretary of State must be satisfied that the Applicant’s pre-application consultation has complied with the provisions in the Act and that the application is of a satisfactory standard to be examined. As part of this we will consult local authorities and consider any representations received by those authorities as to whether the applicant has complied with sections 42, 47 and 48 of the Planning Act 2008.