North West Coast Connections Project – N Grid

Enquiry received via post

North West Coast Connections Project - N Grid

09 January 2017
Sadie Clarke


I am writing to complain over the soon to be planning application that National Grid will be submitting to you.
We do not accept pylons between Drigg and Seascale. We do not accept the line being moved west closer to Stubblegreen. We do not accept that part of our village is to be underground cables and that our area, Stubblegreen, is to have pylons moved closer to our homes.
We will not accept this.
Our area has one of the best views in the western area of Cumbria a full 180° view of the Western Lake District fells, pylons in this would destroy the amenity value of our area. Detrimental to tourism both in and out the park.
Nugen the private company behind Moorside is paying nothing towards the National Grid upgrade. It should be paying for undergrounding all the way. In particular the southern route as this effects the National Park.
The Lake District National Park is currently in a bid for World Heritage Status. Pylons will destroy the beauty of the park both looking out and looking into the park in our area in particular.
We urge you to visit our area and do not allow pylons to destroy our area.
Moorside could and should be put in a location where road and grid infrastructure already exists such as Heysham. It will not provide local jobs. Nugen has already stated 4000-6000 workers will need to be brought into Cumbria.
Please protect our area.

Advice given

We are not able to comment on your views about the project itself as the Planning Inspectorate must remain impartial in order to protect the interests of all parties that may participate in any future examination of an application.
It is for National Grid to design their project and justify it in their application for development consent. Part of this may include providing adequate information about why alternative design solutions were discounted at earlier stages of the project evolution. Like any other private or public organisation or individual they have a right to make an application for development consent. It is at their own risk if they submit an application that is not fully-formed, justified or mitigated properly using the views and information gathered at the pre application stage, and as a result falls short of gaining development consent.
I can assure you that if the application is accepted for examination, the appointed Examining Authority will carefully scrutinise the proposals and test it against the relevant National Policy Statement on electricity transmission infrastructure. In broad terms, the role of the Examining Authority will be to weigh the impact of the proposals against the Government’s policy on new transmission lines. The recommendation made by the Examining Authority to the Secretary of State about the project will be evidence based, taking account of all matters they decide are relevant and important. The Secretary of State (an elected Minister) will make the final decision about whether or not to grant development consent. The examination is held in public and all documents and any oral evidence provided and submitted to the Examining Authority is published during the course of the examination.
Anyone can participate in the examination by registering a relevant representation at the appropriate time. If you would like to be notified about the formal events that take place after the application is submitted then please enter your email address in the Email Updates section of the North West Coast Connections project page of the National Infrastructure Planning website.