North West Coast Connections Project – N Grid

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North West Coast Connections Project - N Grid

06 February 2017
Power Without Pylons - Graham Barron


Power Without Pylons is concerned with the southern element of the NWCC connection, from Moorside to Heysham. National Grid (NG) has announced some undergrounding in the Lake District National Park, but still proposes to construct giant 50m pylons just outside the Park, in particular around the Duddon Estuary.
We have some questions for PINS regarding alternatives:
1. At the forthcoming planning enquiry, will objectors be able to raise the question of alternative options?
2. What are your criteria for allowing the discussion of alternatives?
3. Will we be allowed to discuss all possible alternatives, or just those that have already been considered by NG, or just those that have been proposed in a consultation?
4. We have assumed that this discussion will be possible, and have therefore tried to obtain as much information as possible about the different options. However, we have not had sufficient co-operation from NG and other relevant organisations. It would seem to us that, as part of a democratic process, the applicant should be obliged to provide relevant information. We also need to have this information as soon as possible. Do you have the power to ensure that we are given all the relevant information that we have requested?

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