York Potash Harbour Facilities Order

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Developer's Application (261)

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Examination (253)

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The list below consists of additional evidence or documents received during the examination outside the deadlines set by the Examining Authority. However, the Examining Authority has exercised its discretion and accepted these into the examination as additional submissions.

ICI Chemicals and Polymers Limited (PDF, 1 MB)
Land Registry Plan CE148382 of the Bran Sands Site. Referred to in ICI?s submission for Deadline 1of 21 August 2015
North Yorkshire County Council (PDF, 64 KB)
Additional response to the Examining Authority?s First Written Questions. Accepted at the discretion of the Examining Authority
Oil and Gas Authority (PDF, 48 KB)
Comments on CATS Pipelines System?s concerns regarding the possible routes of the conveyor system. Accepted at the discretion of the Examining Authority
York Potash Ltd (PDF, 49 KB)
Applicant?s request for clarification of Examining Authority?s First Written Questions and PINS response