A1 Birtley to Coal House Improvement Scheme

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The selection shows documents received from the applicant in relation to the development consent order application.

Highways England (PDF, 6 MB)
7.4 Outline Construction Environmental Management Plan (provides an essential Scheme specific tool to manage on-site construction activities that may affect the environment).
Highways England (PDF, 2 MB)
7.2 National Networks National Policy Statement (NNNPS) Accordance Table (explains how the Scheme complies with National Planning Policy)
Highways England (PDF, 5 MB)
7.1 Planning Statement (explains how the Scheme complies with National and Local Planning Policy. Also detailing the need and Justification for the Scheme)
Highways England (PDF, 45 MB)
7.3 Transport Assessment Report (Provides an overview of the relevant national / local transport policy, junction capacity, Mitigation measures and traffic generation)
Highways England (PDF, 1 MB)
3.3 Consents and Agreements Position Statement