Thames Tideway Tunnel

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Thames Tideway Tunnel

Received 01 May 2013
From Richard G Brown


I disagree with the plans to use King Edward Memorial Park as the primary base for work to intercept the sewer which passes underneath it. The impact on the community (I live nearby) would be excessive, both in terms of noise and reduction in amenity during the works period. Moreover, the plans are especially unreasonable because a perfectly viable "brownfield" alternative exists in the Heckford Street Industrial Park. I understand that such an option would still require use of the part but it would be on an altogether smaller scale.

I actually live *closer* to the Heckford site but prefer it both because it would leave more of the park unaffected and because the already loud ambient noise in the Heckford area would make the noise less intrusive overall - it would be more likely to "blend in". By contrast, the serenity of the riverfront means any noise, howsoever limited, would be extremely disruptive.

Please insist that Thames Water adopt the Heckford option instead.