Thames Tideway Tunnel

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Thames Tideway Tunnel

Received 02 May 2013
From Paul Gendle


I am a supporter of the Save KEMP Community Campaign to preserve King Edward Memorial Park in it's entirety.

King Edward Memorial Park is a piece of metropolitan open land and has a range of mature trees that will take a lifetime to replace. It is an integral part of a well used pedestrian and cycle route along the edge of the Thames and the loss of the foreshore to a building site for in excess of three years is a horrific prospect.

The selection of one of the only park that is within reasonable walking distance of my home as the site of the new super sewer is unreasonable given that there are brownfield sites within the immediate vicinity that could have been utilised.

For example: Thames Water should have chosen the alternative site at Heckford Street Industrial Estate as it has a lower impact on the community and I implore the Planning Inspectorate to review this brownfield site instead.

The consultation process conducted by Tames Water was also a cynical exercise in presenting alternative "options", most of which were even less palatable than the loss of the foreshore to King Edward Memorial Park. "Options" presented included the loss of Shadwell Basin, the loss of the whole park, and the loss of a strip of the park adjacent to Free Trade Wharf. All were absurd.

The result of this exercise is the loss of just the foreshore somehow becomes the "desirable" option when clearly it is nothing of the sort. Save KEMP's suggested solution that the Heckford Industrial Estate was supposedly considered however Thames Water offered little justification for why the option was rejected other than it added complexity to the construction of the super sewer. This is not the same as "it cannot be done". Therefore it should be the selected option.