Thames Tideway Tunnel

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Thames Tideway Tunnel

Received 20 April 2013
From Paul Dolan


The current plan to provide a super sewer which is sunk under the foreshore of the Thames is a good idea however Thames should also encourage each homeowner to use less water and create natural run off of water into the ground and rainwater and grey water recycling. These measures which would create less of a need for the super sewer but we should act now to create a clean method of dealing with excess sewage to ensure non enters the Thames.

This project affords all communities an opportunity to create better enviroments and top class innovative architecture where the foreshore and embankments are affected. I would urge Thames Water to get involved on a local level with informed individuals and those councillors who are able to offer creative advice.

The Thames plan has not been well thought out in regard to supply of the sites and carry out the works. The river should be used as much as possible to house offices, storage of materials and working platforms, this will impact less on all communities. This point is one of the strongest objections from most people and therefore my comments will be restricted to this.