Thames Tideway Tunnel

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Thames Tideway Tunnel

Received 19 April 2013
From Michael Davies


I live on houseboat '   ' moored on the upstream side of Putney Pier and have done so for the last 9 years. I rent off Livetts Launches and have a relevant, current agreement in place with them. I am registering my position with regard to this proposed development.

I believe that the building of the downshaft will cause me huge inconvenience. The noise, vibration and disruption to the pier will, I believe prove impossible for me to live here, at my permanent address, whilst the work is being carried out. This is aside from the parking and street disruption that will be caused.

I would like my boat to be moved and moored at a nearby, alternative position for the duration of the proposed work and fully expect the mooring fee to be paid for out of any compensation fund that is available. I would hope to return to Putney Pier at the cessation of the work.

The inconvenience of this will be detrimental to my standard of living for the intended 5 years of construction and I fully expect to be paid for this inconvenience.