Thames Tideway Tunnel

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Thames Tideway Tunnel

Received 22 April 2013
From Bill Ambrose


I fundamentally disagree with the entire proposal for the siting of an access tunnel at the Deptford Location (in the green space between the church and primary school. I am opposed to this for the following reasons :

1. The site is of nature conservation importance, as stated by Lewisham Council.
2. Loss of a critically important haven of peace, quiet and a green space right in the hub of the areas which defines Deptford, namely the high street.
3. Close to the Library and swimming pool, both newly erected in order to try and regenerate the area.. hence regeneration is detrimentally affected.
4. Loss of trees and a valuable green space
5. Too close to two local primary schools. Noise, Dust and HGV traffic will have a profound affect on pupils for the duration (3 - 4 years) of construction.
6. Closure of the bus lane on the already congested road will have a significant effect on workers getting to and from work during busy periods.
7. The site is directly opposite the church, a grade one listed building. probably the single most impressive building in the area. It will also obviously affect users of the church.
8. Major congestion will end up directly affecting the high street due to people using the area as a cut through to avoid jams etc.
9. Parking locally will be affected which will have a knock on effect on many local residents (much of the parking on residential streets in the area is free, so these areas will be used instead pushing the parking problems further into other ares)
10. The 'cut through' after the church has shut it's gates will no longer be usable.